Blarney Girls at 2016 Stone Mountain

Roslyn and I had a fantastic 24 hour trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the 2016 Stone Mountain Scottish Games. Reva's group was featured on the festival which had tens of thousands of people attending each day. The festival is in the their 44th year and very popular and the fourth year Reva has performed with the Blarney Girls at these Scottish Games. Reva performed on violin and sang harmony with the Blarney Girls made up with Michael Robbins on rhythm guitar and bass parts, Liz Robbins as a vocalist and Reva on violin and vocal harmony. Roslyn and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Reva performing as she is always a crowd-hit and the Blarney were exceptional and supposedly even better the second day but Roslyn and I had to return home in Denver, Colorado. Enjoy the few photos posted.
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